Incorporate Cloud Computing in Your Business and Do more with the Less!

Incorporate Cloud Computing in Your Business and Do more with the Less!

The Cloud can be defined as a centralized location on internet that stores all the data, making it accessible from anywhere and at anytime.

Cloud computing, simply put together is the practice of using computing devices including servers, storage, networking, database and software over the internet to offer flexible resources and innovation.

It provides easy access to your business data and applications from anywhere, even from a mobile device at reasonable costs. With this, the businesses can have access to technologies that earlier were beyond reach and lest them compete with other businesses. It has changed the way of doing IT functions in the companies.

Reasons why organizations are turning to cloud computing services:

  1. Cost: Cloud computing eradicates the expense of buying hardware and software and installing the data centres, servers, electricity for power and cooling and IT experts for managing the infrastructure.
  2. Speed: Some of the services are provided on demand, but vast services can be operated in minutes, typically in just few minutes, enhancing the flexibility.
  3. Scalability: Cloud computing services have the ability to scale globally. It means delivering the right amount of IT resources- for example, more or less storage, and bandwidth from the right geographic location.
  4. Productivity: The data centres require a lot of hardware setup, software installations and other IT management chores. The needs of all these tasks are removed, so IT teams can spend more time on achieving their business goals.
  5. Performance: The biggest cloud computing services run on secure data centres which are constantly upgraded to the latest computing hardware. This results in reduced network latency for applications and greater economies for scale.
  6. Security: Cloud Service providers offer technologies and policies to strengthen the security of your data, apps and infrastructure from threats.
  7. Readability: Data Backup, disaster recovery and business continuity is easier and less expensive as the data can be seen on cloud provider’s network.

How cloud can help you do more with less?

  1. Data Backup: Backing up your data time to time is important so that you don’t lose everything in case of system failure. Your work is automatically updated in the cloud. It creates the copies of your data off site where it will be safe from theft or any disaster.
  2. Mobile Working: The cloud has the provision to let the business owners create functional mobile office.You can easily access and sync the data wherever you are, allowing you to take the data on road with you.
  3. Information Sharing: The cloud has made the information sharing easy and effortless. Once you have the proper backup of your data, you can easily shares files of all sizes as easy as sending a link.
  4. File Storage: Most of the businesses use audio, videos, images to enhance marketing activities. They take up a large part of your hard drive, which can be costly. This saves local storage for files that you need every day.
  5. Growth Planning: The cloud is scalable so businesses can create a growth plan that utilizes the benefits of cloud. You can gradually increase the usage over time, paying for the services you need. The cloud is self managed by the apps, so you can eliminate the cost of in house IT staff.

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