PPC and SEO Integration to Increase ROI

PPC and SEO Integration to Increase ROI

Would you rather get 100% results or rank #1 above your competitors for priority keywords for free? It’s not that simple, nowadays it is not choosing either of the two, but focusing and leveraging both channels to maximize your returns.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) are two peculiar marketing mediums to boost conversions and increase online traffic. Understanding the importance of an omnichannel strategy is one story while execution is another!

Collaborating across channels with the agency or the client or internal teams is crucial. The hidden key to make a cross channel campaign a success include sharing and analyzing the data and the insights regularly. Sounds simple enough…well it’s just thought! We all run into channels, forgetting that the customers have their specific needs and different touch points. The customer’s journey is no more a linear one, it has become more complex.

Brands now need to interact with the customers throughout all stages of the journey. Approaching the customer with the right message at the right time is the blueprint to success, but how can you do it if your digital channels aren’t collaborating?

Why Combine SEO and PPC?

Data is the lifeblood of any marketing strategy. Data makes PPC and SEO more predictable and actionable. Without data, we would all be playing guessing games; we can’t know what’s yielding results and what isn’t and losing money in the process. To maximize ROI, it’s crucial for SEO and PPC to be integrated together.

How to make SEO and PPC work together?

  1. Use PPC Keywords for SEO: Digital marketers use Google Adwords planner data as their research tool. However, Google decided to limit the in-depth data to only those who have active campaigns. If you have the adwords account active, take the advantage of using that data as you are paying to use it!
  2. Use SEO Data to Reduce Expenditures: SEO has some data that can be used in your PPC campaigns. Depending on your business niche, PPC ads can be costly. You can expand your PPC budget by using data from your SEO team.
  3. Retargeting Strategy for SEO traffic: It isn’t simple to get on the top of the results. The worst thing is that the first time visitors won’t convert. That is why, it is essential to have a remarketing strategy in place. This lets you win back the traffic and get a second chance to convert your visitors. Remarketing is where PPC and SEO combine together to achieve your ultimate goals. You have welcomed the visitor with SEO, now let PPC do its part by creating an effective retargeting advertisement. To accomplish this, SEO and PPC need to communicate.
  4. Use PPC for content marketing: Content is equally valuable for SEO as well as PPC. Many marketers use PPC to generate leads and gain traffic. But you can use it to promote your content and build your brand. Once you have prepared the amazing content, make ample use of PPC to get seen in the results.
  5. Create ads matching the content: Marketers work hard to create an ad that captures the user’s attention and get them to click on their ad. But what happens once they click? You need to ensure that the traffic converts in the post click experience. The PPC team has nothing to do with post click experience; their job is to create ads. This is where SEO team comes in. They are in charge of creating landing pages and hence, SEO team has to coordinate with the PPC team. This involves making an ad copy that matches with the headlines of landing pages and the content, so that the visitor is enforced to take action.
  6. Improve Quality Score: It is important as it not only affects the cost per click of the keywords, but also the position of your ad in search rankings. This can come from your SEO as well as PPC team. SEOs are responsible for landing page optimization, but they can help in PPC by optimizing the quality score.

Hence, don’t underestimate the value that both sides provide. By integrating SEO and PPC together, you can achieve better results for you and your clients.

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  1. Fantastic post! Very well written and great content. I love your strategies and plan on getting these implemented as soon as possible. I would like to request a free audit of our website!!

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