14 Essential Elements for Strategizing Your Website in 2019

14 Essential Elements for Strategizing Your Website in 2019

Your website design is the first thing that people judge you by within minutes as a business with online existence. Seems to be little scary, right? 

It’s even scarier when the websites online (including the large companies) doesn’t pay much heed at the time of designing! For your website to stand out among others, it requires careful thought and some advance preparation. 

There are some important points to look out before a website can be designed and you should only begin when these factors have been considered. 

The time has passed away when having a simple website and a little bit of description about your business was enough. In the new era of everything getting online every minute, you need to have a perfect running website or else you’ll be out of game! 

To start with website design, you need to be clear with what you want from your website. By setting website goals, website planning can be made easier. Your website needs to get through the checklist of these goals. 

The most crucial thing to remember is to pay proper attention to your website and modifying it time as per the requirements because an ineffective website delivers no desired results and is a complete waste of time and energy. 

Some elements essential for a Successful Website in 2019

  1. Spotting your Website Goals:Finding the website goals and planning an effective strategy to meet them is the first and foremost step for your successful business. Prepare a list of everything you want from your website, what kind of designs you want, what results you need etc. Your business niche, your business name, logo and tagline of your website counts on these goals.
  2. Clean and Easy Navigation and Architecture: Having a clean and easy navigation on your website makes it easy for the visitors to find what they are looking for. If the user finds it clumsy and confusing to search through your website, he may shut it down and move to your competitors! This also plays a critical role for search engines to index your web pages easily. All the web pages should be directly linked to the home page. It should be just two clicks for the user to reach to the homepage.
  3. Design the perfect Home Page One of the astonishing facts to generate more traffic to your website is that your website should have the caliber to sway the user within the first 10 seconds as he/she lands on the website. This is valuable as more than 90% of the user take action on the spot about you and your website seeing the homepage. The message should clearly convey what is on offer/special discounts as the visitor arrives. Recheck your logo, alignment of the web pages specially home page, promo message and tagline to make the visitor stay on your website and browse further.
  4. Visible Call to Action: The action that you desire from your visitor should be clear to them. Generally, the websites have a buy now or contact us button, or a display of contact numbers or email. It should be clear and understandable to the visitor about the next steps to buy your service. Call to Actions are necessary to get business leads. It should be designed in a way the visitor during browsing your website learns more about your products and offerings simultaneously. Using a different color constantly proves to be an effective way!
  5. Mobile Friendly Version:Over 80% of the visitors prefer to open websites in their phones, which is leading to all the websites getting optimized for mobile devices as well! Nobody would like to miss those visitors they can have with a mobile optimized website.
  6. Importance of About Us: To tell the users about your company, the “About Us” section should be impressive and attractive. Represent the humble and engaging picture of your team and company before the visitors to grab their attention.
  7. Content is the King:It is a true fact that content is the success behind every website. There’s no replacement for high quality content! Content is the gold key to engage visitors, even if you put all useful information on your website or use all your marketing tactics!
  8. Interesting Visual Design:It won’t be wrong to say that visual design is also essential for the success of your website! An attractive and compelling design makes your visitors to hold on to your website. It also reflects your brand and catches more visitors!
  9. CMS and Back End Structure:These are the two factors on which the usability of website depends on especially for E-Commerce websites. It includes the ability of your website to update/modify content and interact effectively with the users. From the SEO point of view to keep your website in top ranking, CMS is one of the important things. The platform you use to build your website is directly related to the usability, performance, how easily and efficiently you can update content on website and engage with your customers.
  10. Tracking Conversions:Tracking the conversions is an effective strategy to implement a successful website but many web designers do not pay importance to this! You can easily evaluate the cost to acquire potential; customers on your website along with the marketing strength of your website.
  11. Effective Marketing Strategy:Your website design and its launch is not enough for your success, it also depends on your marketing strategy. There are many modern methods you can consider like pay per click, email marketing, social media, search engine optimization etc. You can choose the best strategy that fits well with your business.
  12. Perfectly Running Website:Keep a regular check on your website for broke links and images and never allow your website to be slow! Audit your website time to time and update your links regularly.
  13. Website Performance:If you want to track your website whether it’s working fine or not, regular monitoring of your website is important. Keep the list of your goals in hand and match to check whether it is moving towards meeting your goals or not.
  14. Seek Support: The increasing competition and the number of website blooming up every day have faded away the time when designers after designing the website expected that the visitors will come for sure. Supportive projects and elements can help to boost up your performance! This will help you move faster in the direction of determined goals.

Setting up partnership with the right website development company depicts a lot about your website performance! 
Contact us today to start your project today and avail the “advantage” against your competitors. Jump in and let’s win this “online marketing” game!

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