Cloud Computing Trends for 2022

Cloud Computing Trends for 2022

Cloud computing was popular and well-established before the pandemic as well but boomed in 2020 as the workforce turned virtual and businesses reacted to the worldwide pandemic by focusing on providing digital services. And it looks like this trend continues to grow, it’s important for business owners to stay informed about emerging trends in cloud computing to tailor the business accordingly.

Smarter Cloud Delivery Models

Cloud services are offered in different ways. The delivery model that a firm adopts depends on its functional requirements and the maturity of its IT and data governance requirements. As businesses seek more flexibility and choice in IT solutions – Hybrid cloud and serverless cloud are all the rage.

Bringing Intelligence to Cloud Computing Space

Cloud computing is no longer just a storehouse of power. Organizations are looking to extract insights from existing data through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and are keen on boosting efficiency with proven automation practices.

Improved Security and Compliance

Businesses are more concerned about the security of their cloud deployments and the compliance of their data. Cloud service providers are responding by offering advanced security features and compliance certifications. This has created a huge demand for Secure Access Service Edge and Cloud-based disaster recovery practices.

The boom in Cloud Gaming, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

In the years ahead, a tremendous expansion in cloud gaming will be witnessed. Google’s Stadia and Amazon Luna are going to shape the future of cloud gaming. The advent of cloud-based virtual reality and augmented reality (VR/AR) has made VR/AR headsets more affordable, fueling the growth of cloud gaming across various demographics.

Increased cloud computing adoption and the discovery of new methods to leverage cloud-based systems to produce insights and efficiency are the upcoming trends to be seen in 2022. Contact us for more information!

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