Building a Successful Workforce with Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Building a Successful Workforce with Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Microsoft has been delivering solutions that enable businesses to build winning teams and create a workplace where people can succeed and grow. Starting February 2020, Dynamics 365 will officially be renamed to Dynamics 365 Human resources. This change reflects their assurance to help the HR Professionals improve the employee experience by creating data-driven programs. It can transform employee experiences, improve organizational agility, enable workforce insights and optimize HR programs. These capabilities enable the companies to build a successful workforce. Let’s learn in detail:

1)  Transforming Employee Experiences:

  • Dynamics 365 Human Resources will be transforming all interactions with the staff.
  • This let the managers review the team performance data and assists in optimizing the team impact.
  • Leadership can connect with employees and address any important messages and concerns.
  • Employees can reach out to the co-workers with great career accomplishments, skills, experience and certificates.
  • Training can be completed by the new joiners and the management can easily track their progress.

2)  Improve organizational Agility:

  • Any complexities can be reduced due to the administration that reflects the organizational structure, hierarchies and job descriptions
  • With automated processes, workflows and task management, productivity and efficiency will be improved.
  • Business performance will increase due to privacy, security and compliance
  • The customized interface will allow the management to customize company’s solution. The admin can change the layout, add or hide files or share with others.
  • Further customization can be done through Microsoft Power Platform regardless of any technical expertise.

3)  Optimize HR Programs:

  • All the human resource efforts can be combined within one platform.
  • Leaves or absence reporting, compensation, benefits or compliance etc can be simplified.
  • This will connect people and operations data so that workforce costs can be optimized.
  • Budgets, tax filing and payroll will be integrated by integrated payroll providers.
  • Employers can find the right candidates with the help of LinkedIn Talent Solutions.

4)  Enable Workforce Insights:

  • Workforce planning will be improved through Power business Intelligence (Power BI) by helping HR analyze and visualize data from any device.
  • Managers and Leaders can make decisions confidently by studying the analytics.
  • The Common Data Service integrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources with existing systems.
  • Capturing the employee performance using insights from Microsoft Forms Pro, a collaborative work environment can be achieved.

Microsoft will also be enhancing their relationship with LinkedIn through LinkedIn Talent Hub. This is a new applicant tracking system that lets managers source and hire candidates at one place.

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