Framework to Develop the Right Cloud Strategy

Framework to Develop the Right Cloud Strategy

Cloud adoption takes time to control while it keeps growing. According to Gartner predictions, more than half of the global enterprises will adopt cloud strategy. Moving your workloads to the cloud does not make it more effective! When you decide to have cloud solution for your business, you need to have a proper cloud strategy in place.

A cloud strategy defines the business outcomes you are looking for and how you are going to achieve them. It also includes your end goals. Your deciding factors may include cost, need for business growth, your competitors, innovation etc.

The main component of a cloud strategy is a complete framework so that you can evaluate the results and the challenges of adopting the cloud approach.

Components of an Effective Cloud Strategy:

An effective cloud strategy includes People, Processes and Technology.

People: Who are the people to support the current and future environments? Who are the stakeholders? Are they included in decision-making?

Processes: Do our processes correspondent to our workloads? Are they effective and efficient? Are the workloads and the processes maximizing the output and other organizational goals?

Technology: What technology is worth keeping and what should be left behind? What new technologies should be considered? How should the new technologies be integrated with the current process to get optimal results?

Here are 6 steps for a successful cloud strategy:

  • Plan and optimize your cloud strategy
  • Identify the key area of your business where cloud can deliver business benefits
  • Understand the common cloud challenges and ways to overcome them
  • Identify and develop cloud competencies
  • Prepare your team for this change
  • Learn the capabilities that can manage cloud

Let’s take a look at the cloud computing strategies:

  • Type of cloud: A careful consideration should be done while selecting the cloud- hybrid or public or private cloud. Understand and evaluate the pros and cons of each
  • Plan your budget: According to the type of cloud you chose to fit your business needs, select your IT support. You need to invest strategically in hiring the workforce development.
  • Choose your Vision: Many businesses see cloud as a means to reduce costs. You need to see what do you want to accomplish and how your business will be benefitted from this shift?
  • Technology: Once you are done with considering your needs, resources available and the budget, look at the best technology available.
  • Choose the Right Service Provider: Most service providers offer the hosting needs. Choose the cloud vendor that is a one stop solution for your cloud based needs.

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