How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Can Transform Your Business

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Can Transform Your Business

Digital transformation becoming very important for every type of business. In order to enhance your business processes, services, and even product offerings, digital transformation conveys the concept of implementing the latest available technology. The digital transformation used creatively, will make your manufacturing company more capable and competitive and thus more profitable and beneficial for your customers who will reward you with their loyalty.

Digital transformation tools are ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions built to work in the Cloud, and at the top of the list is Microsoft Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 is familiar, user-friendly, accessible, and, most importantly, it can transform your development activities.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is structured to incorporate not only finance but also all development and business management factors:

  1. Production Control: Using visual tools to quickly change production schedules under changing conditions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 lets you easily construct various planning scenarios.
  2. Supply Chain Management: You need to be able to forecast demand and have a clear and accurate view of where your inventory exists, particularly if you use different production and warehousing locations, in order to effectively manage inventory in your manufacturing or distribution sector. The tools in Microsoft Dynamics 365 are designed to help you prepare delivery schedules, manage warehouses, monitor quality management, manage procurement and sourcing of products, and even strengthen your supplier relationships with tools that make selling to you easier for them.
  3. Sales, Service, and Marketing: Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates your ERP with your CRM seamlessly, offering a holistic solution that includes management of sales pipelines, case management, project management, and more.
  4. Human Resource Management: Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you to manage financial and legal aspects, including payroll, but also tackles human factors such as finding staff who are ideally suited to different roles and letting you know when changes may be effective.
  5. Business Intelligence and Reporting: Microsoft Dynamics 365 is capable of delivering reports that provide you with the data you need for actionable decision-making. It can allow you to make business-critical decisions that will drive your company forward by learning more about your financial position, your production efficiency, your supplier and distributor networks, and other significant factors.

Would you like to know how you can leverage this exciting new technology to digitally transform your business? Contact our Microsoft Dynamics experts and find out how we help you take the next step to become a more connected, more efficient manufacturing company.

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